Communication award 2020

Submitted by Henna on 09.12.2020 - 16.28

In the Annual Event 2019 the Kantele-GO project received the first Communication Award of the Karelia CBC Programme ever awarded. In 2020 we can not organise an Annual Event but we still want to celebrate good project communications.

Among all of our projects three finalists have been selected:

Karelian Art-Residency Network and Art Tourism was quick to adapt to the changing working environment and organised a seminar presenting the project results as a hybrid event. The project results were widely noted in the local media.

Green Solutions for Nature Protected Areas paid plenty of attention to presenting the project results and tried also new approaches, such as invating a local blogger to the project's media tour, in dissemination.

Culture Open: Creating Culture Together pays special attention to accessible communication and has shared its expertise with other projects as well. The project has a strong presence in social media and it has been able reach its target groups well.

Award ceremony

The winner will be announced in Zoom on Wednesday 16th December at 2 pm (Finnish time). The event is open for all and we hope you will join us!

Link to the event:

Passcode: 638009

Additional information:

Henna-Mari Laurila (henna-mari.laurila[at]