Two investment projects selected

Submitted by Henna on 19.03.2020 - 16.09

The Joint Monitoring Committee met today in exceptional circumstances, not in Helsinki as originally planned but remotely. Fortunately connections worked well and decisions could be made.

The Committee discussed on the applications submitted on the latest Call for Proposals: 5 proposals focusing particularly on waste management or preserving the biodiversity of the Programme area competed on the approximately 5 million euros available.  An infrastructure investment component, minimum of million euros, needed to be included in the project proposals.

The Committee decided to select, with conditions, two of the proposals:

  • Renewal of sludge management concepts in regional towns (ReMaC)

Kajaani University of Applied Sciences as the Lead Partner

  • Improvement of water resource management in the Northern Ladoga border region (WaterForLife) LLC Karelvodokanal as the Lead Partner

The projects are required to submit documents verifying the realization of the infrastructure component. The Joint Monitoring Committee also reserved the right to decrease the maximum amount of the Grant based on the outcomes of the budget checks.

The Joint Monitoring Committee discussed also on the impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak on the Programme implemantion. It was decided to draw a risk analysis in order to be prepared and to mitigate the possible outcomes. However, there's no reason to suspend cross-border cooperation: as the Committee meeting demonstrated, cross-border cooperation is possible even remotely.

Additional information:

Programme Director Marko Ruokangas (marko.ruokangas[at]