Kantele-GO! to publish new kantele scores

Submitted by KA3100 on 18.05.2020 - 21.53
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The Kantele-GO! project has launched the competition of kantele music scores for its further publication that have not been published before. The competition reflects the project’s aim to diversify kantele repertoire for professional performers, kantele teachers and students from 18 years and above.

Participants of the competition are composers and/or copyright holders of music scores for kantele in several nominations:

  • compositions or arrangements for kantele solo;
  • compositions or arrangements for kantele ensembles;
  • compositions or arrangements for instrumental ensembles with the kantele as a leading instrument in the ensemble;
  • study guides for kantele performers.

Criteria for selection of a composition or an arrangement for publication include:

  • reflection of Karelian music culture,
  • high artistic level of a composition or an arrangement and its relevance for various kantele performers,
  • possibility for a kantele player to show different performing techniques and artistic potential of the kantele while performing a composition or an arrangement.

Criteria for selection of a kantele study guide for publication include the following:

  • reflection of Karelian music culture,
  • variety of music materials and performing methods described,
  • simplicity of presentation and use of graphics and illustrations.

All materials should be sent to the Kantele-GO! project before the 1st of August 2020. Scores are selected by a Selection Committee set by the Kantele-GO! project Lead Partner (the Karelian National Song and Dance Ensemble «Kantele»).

During the previous round of the similar competition held in 2019 the omnibus of music scores for chromatic kantele by Finnish kantele teacher and composer Valentina Matveeva was recommended for publication within the Kantele-GO! project.