Barents Networking event, Joensuu, Feb.14-15, 2019

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To get acquainted with the development trends and challenges in the Barents region and also to do some networking more than 120 participants representing businesses, academia, local and regional authorities, also the decision makers, scientists, students and and young people from 10 countries gathered in Joensuu at Feb. 14-15, 2019 for a networking event.

A seminar and networking event "Northern Potential in the Barents Region" have been co-organised by the North Karelia Chamber of Commerce and the Karelia University of Applied Sciences and held on the premises of the Joensuu Science Park. The seminar has been focused on the Barents programmes and policies, priorities and instruments for accelerating growth and job creation, also the educational developments and the migration and mobility of the labour force, youth entrepreneurship – and the importance of macro-regional cooperation in the Barents Region within that context.


First day program included versatile presentations followed by afternoon workshops in mingled groups and interactive discussions. The representatives of KA-3004 CULTA took an active part in the discussion related to youth entrepreneurship, and presented the case of CULTA project, based on co-creation and customization, as a good example of a joint and coordinated action allowing the youngsters to cooperate and co-create social services for the favour of the cross-border territories.


In the evening of the first day the participants enjoyed the Barents Feast reception hosted by the City of Joensuu. On the second day the participants have been invited to the company visits within following themes:

  • Educational competence and entrepreneurship through life-long learning, Business Academy, and University of Eastern Finland Sm4rtLab;
  • North Karelia as a meeting point of eastern and western cultures in tourism, St Nicholas Church of Joensuu, Orthodox Culture Center, and Botania Event Garden;
  • High-end metals and plastics: Mantsinen Group Oy Ltd. and Abloy Oy.


The Barents networking seminar in Joensuu seemed to have been a great venue allowing the participants to identify and to enjoy the best available practices in the Barents countries, as well as to create added value and synergies in promoting creative thinking essential to cope with the challenges in the region. Solutions are often based on traditional methods and practices that have been found to work. Sharing this knowledge between the countries by means of the Barents cooperation can give valuable insight and new ideas to improve solutions that are more sustainable and suitable.