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On November 11, in the city of Petrozavodsk, at the Piter Inn hotel, a Youth Forum BUSY “Business for youngsters" was held. More than 100 entrepreneurs, students and schoolchildren took part.

The event was organized by the team of the international project BUSY and the Development Corporation of the Republic of Karelia.

At the plenary part of the forum, welcoming speeches were made by Anton Chivin, Deputy Minister of Education and Sports of the Republic of Karelia, Lyubov Kulakova, Chairperson of the Public Chamber of the Republic of Karelia, Marina Gvozdeva, Vice-Rector for International Affairs of PetrSU, Dmitry Vasilyevich Bazegsky, Head of the Petrozavodsk Office of the Cross-Border Cooperation Programme KARELIA.

The Finnish partners of the project Jarmo Lauronen, the head of the BusinessOulu business services department from Oulu, Jouko Isokangas, the head of the business development department from the University of Oulu, Kari-Pekka Heikkinen, senior lecturer at the University of Oulu also spoke online to the participants. Local entrepreneurs Tatiana Goldobina, Aleksandra Sukhova and Albatros gave exceptional speeches at the plenary program telling about their success stories and failures.

3 thematical workshops / dialogues were organized at the Forum: Creative, IT and the Generation of business ideas. Within “Idea Generation" moderator Alexander Konovalov conducted training for the participants based on the focal object method - searching for new business ideas, creating a new product, improving an existing one.

Boris Valit, a venture investor and IT entrepreneur, Alexey Panfilov, mentor of the Quantorium Sampo children's technology park, Seymur Ismailov, founder of the Saymurk Studio ditigital agency, co-owner of the True Kebab network, Sergey Volkov, IT entrepreneur and digital marketer, Mikhail Komov, founder of the MKomov studio and Roman Makarov, organizer of business events spoke at the IT workshop wuth the moderation of Mikhail Sidorov.

The Creative workshop became the most popular and attracted the largest number of participants. The program of the venue, moderated by Liana Vaguzenkova and Ekaterina Biktimirova, featured director and cameraman Ilya Zorin, host and mood architect Alexey Yenikeev, dancer, choreographer and coach of the PRO Dance School Natalya Kipriyanova, founder of her own clothing brand and the ROSHER GANG team Roman Shpet, pastry chef Alina BAKERY, entrepreneur Mikhail Kasym, radio host Ksenia Donskova and Denis Dovolnov, founder of the Z Faculty business school.

The educational part of Forum ended up with networking and youth afterparty at CreatePtz - the creative community of Petrozavodsk.

On November 12 Business School | Faculty Z | Karelia held a youth business game, which was attended by more than 40 schoolchildren and students of the city of Petrozavodsk.

The project team represented by Liana Vaguzenkova, Elena Kharcheva, Eduard Khokhlov, Angelica Bozhko, Denis Pyzhikov and Alexander Konovalov thanks the moderators, speakers, and participants of the forum!

Here are photos from Andrey Chuvak - https://vk.com/album-176985519_281893542?act=edit

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