Come tell and listen to the history of the river Pielisjoki!

Submitted by KA3022 on 27.02.2019 - 11.39
река Пиелисйоки

The North Karelian Museum (Joensuu) invites local people and city guests to “Stories along the river” (Tarinoita joen varrelta) storytelling workshop.

The Pielisjoki River flows through the city of Joensuu. There are many memories and stories associated with the river, its banks, beaches. Someone will remember the romantic walks along the river, someone will tell the story of how the open bridge caused all the failures on this day. And someone can tell how he once celebrated the Midsummer (Juhannus) on Utra or Hasanniemi.

The Hilma Museum invites everyone on the first day of spring to come and tell their stories about the Pielisjoki River, the historic Utra district and the city of Joensuu. At the request of the participants of the workshop their stories and memories will be included in the collection of stories formed by the Museum of North Karelia in the framework of the international InterActive History project.

Venue: North Karelian Museum, Koskikatu 5, 80100, Joensuu