Cooperation in action

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Семинар по восстановлению мельницы

Last summer two projects, focused on the theme of preservation of historic villages of Karelia, gathered together to combine their efforts.

Participants of the project “By the roads of Väjnölä: old arts and technologies of Haukkasaari village” came to Kizhi Island to take part in the practical training on the production of interior mechanisms for the wooden windmill in Haukkasaari village.

Haukkasaari village is one of the most beautiful villages, situated in Muezersky district, which is almost 400 years old. Two wooden buildings – the windmill with 4 wings and the threshing barn – were transferred to Kizhi Island and included into the main exposition of the museum.

Reconstruction of the historic look of the village, including preservation of historic houses, reconstruction of the wooden windmill will help to include the village into tourist  routes, create educational space for young people and that means to breathe new life into the village. The team of active people, united by the Trajectory Foundation, are involved into Haukkasaari village reconstruction. Participant from Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Orel took part in 2 weeks seminar..

The theme of preservation of wooden architecture and historic settlements is an important part of the project “Ethnoarchitecture of Fennoskandia in XXI”. The project team works in the villages of Kizhi area. The territory has its own potential for development, but at the same time there are some difficulties, that’s why it is complicated but interesting to find the way for its development.

During working process participants made interior mechanisms for the windmill and also listened the lectures of Victor Yandovsky – architect-restorer. He told about his own experience in the sphere of definition of the cultural heritage site, researches and projects on restoration of wooden architecture monuments, studying and experience in reconstruction of historic settlement.