First installations and assembling work done at NatureBeST pilot sites Erä-Eero and Kolin Keidas

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eero_keidas 2021

Finally, the ground has melted, and activities are quickly being realized at our NatureBeST pilot learning sites Erä-Eero in Lieksa and Kolin Keidas in Koli. Implementation work started at Kolin Keidas, and first set of installations also done at Era-Eerä site.


We have finally received the long-awaited Waterlily turbine planned for installation at Erä-Eero learning site. We have also received almost all the materials for the turbine works. Solar panels’ installations have now been done. The installation work was realized on 19.5.2021 when North Karelia ELY-Centre and SYKE partners visited Erä-Eero site.   

SYKE designed turbine parts were also tested during the visit and final works and installation plans of the water turbine has been set.

Video shooting was also done while the works were being implemented. The last phase of electric connection works is set for this and next week if the weather allows. Video shooting of installations will also be done during the same visit.

Kolin Keidas:

A flipper built within the framework of NatureBeST project was transported to Kolin Keidas site on 21.5.2021. The aim of the solution is to ease emptying of Biolan populett Dry toilet containers at the site. Larger wheels were also custom-made for the containers to make it easier to move them around. The entrepreneur finally tested the functionality of the flipper. He found it easy to use and considered it a great solution for the site. The ground works and few installations are still undone. In April, exact measurement of the groundwork area was also done. The ordered materials are slowly arriving, and it starts looking likely that we could finalize actions at the site before July. Video coverage of this site is also being done.

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