Green school team from Lyceum 40 is ready to Act!

Submitted by KA5030 on 11.02.2019 - 20.51

The project team from Petrozavodsk Lyceum 40 received a smartphone and a tablet for documentation of its work during the Green school project.

The meeting of the students with the project staff took place in Ecocenter - a popular place in Petrozavodsk, well-known institution active in environmental education. The Ecocenter is a Green school project partner.

The students from Lyceum 40 observed the Ecocase - new tool produced by the Green school project. The Ecocase will help students to promote green standards in their schools.

At the end of March 2019 all the project teams representing 3 schools from Russian Karelia and 3 schools from Finland will come to Hyvarila center - the Finnish project partner and pass training in using the Ecocase. Each school will receive its own copy of the Ecocase and lead practical improvements of school environment.

Karelian TV told about the meeting in the news report.