Green Week activities in Oulu and Nurmes

Submitted by KA5030 on 25.06.2021 - 12.15
Green Week in Oulu and Nurmes

In April and May 2021 Green school project organized Green Week - school information campaign on green standards promotion.

In Laanila school, Oulu City (Finalnd), the Green Week activities were organised on 25-28 May, in the period of Agenda 2030 activities (the 2030 agenda for sustainable development).

The students from the project group welcomed 1-2 -graders from Hintta school and divided them into smaller groups to do different tasks. They watched a performance about saving the environment, played outdoor games, participated in slalom floorball competition and had an opportunity to draw in the school yard.

Secondary school students picked up the trash in form of competition: the class collecting most trash got ice-cream. Students were very active and picked up a lot of trash!

Secondary school students gave tasks about sustainable development for upper secondary school students. Green School project group students also met 5th graders in Hintta school and presented them Ecocase tools and how to use them. As the result, 5th graders want to loan the Ecocase next autumn to do research in their school.

Laanila school students planted pine and juniper seedlings and participated a photo quiz, planned by project partners in Petrozavodsk.

The participants had to resolve 5 tasks and take a photo of each result. The tasks were about recycling, describing environmental challenge before and after, energy saving, riding bicycle is better than a car and so on.

Upper secondary school students organised also a competition about the set of clothes that was bought in second-hand shop, that costed the less and looked the best. The Green Week ended with geo catching with 9th graders.

In Hyvärilä youth center, Nurmes City (Finland) two insect hotel workshops were organized, one for families, young people and adults in Nurmes city and one for young people in Lieksa city. During the events the Green School project and Ecocase tools were also presented. The Nurmes event was organised together with project Meadow (Niitty-projekti) by MSL (Maaseudun Sivistysliitto).

In Lieksa the youth workers got the set of environmental posters produced by the Green School project. They will be located on the walls of youth workshop premises.

Hyvärilä center got the environmental posters in 3 languages from the printing house on the first week of June. The posters were delivered to 2 schools - School of Eastern Finland in Joensuu and Valtimo school – before the school year ended. The schools got 2 sets of posters – one for the walls in schools and one to be delivered for local organisations, such as other schools and libraries, in autumn.

Together with posters, 9th graders got a certificate for their 3-year participation in the project. We thank the senior students and welcome the pilot school pioneers, who are ready to continue the good work in autumn!

In Hyvarila youth center the posters are placed on the walls in all facilities: hotel rooms, holiday apartments, Lakeside cottage, meeting facilities and PielisAreena sports hall.

Now all the people visiting Hyvärilä – school children, young people, tourists – have an opportunity to gain the knowledge how to save the environment!