Guidebook on forest road construction published

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Guidebook cover

A second, updated edition of the Guidebook on forest road construction has been published.

The aim of the guidebook is to develop and harmonize the construction of forest roads. The content is mainly aimed at practitioners of forest road construction work and students in the field of civil engineering. The material can also be used by forest owners and road project planners.

The construction phases are discussed from the perspective of the machine operator. Among the work stages, the most important factors influencing the quality of the work result have been highlighted. In addition, the guide provides basic information on managing the load on water bodies.

The second edition of the guidebook has been made in the Karelia CBC program projects “Tools for Enhancing access to forest resources in cross-border bioeconomy (Access2Forest)” and “Boosting Forest Cluster SME Business in two Karelias (Bofori)”.

The guide is published in Finnish and Russian:
Metsätien rakentaminen:
Строительство лесной дороги:

A printed version of the guidebooks will also be made for use in upcoming training events of the Bofori project.