Hot water is obtained from the sun light

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Solar collector on the roof

On July 30, a new, not entirely clear "device" appeared on the roof of the cafeteria "Gray Kivach". The installation process was watched with interest not only by employees, but also by numerous tourists.

As a reminder, in July 2019, the first "smart" heat pump was installed in the cafeteria of the Kivach nature reserve as part of the Green Solutions for Conservation Areas project (KA5043). Since then, the room has been heated by an economical thermal "air gun", producing approximately 3-4 kW of thermal energy from 1 kW of electricity.

On July 30, in the Kivach reserve, work continued on the installation of another batch of equipment within the framework of the project "Green solutions for nature conservation areas". In addition to heat pumps in the cafeteria "Sedoy Kivach" it is planned to use a solar collector and a boiler to heat water. This system will provide hot water supply to the cafeteria even at subzero outdoor temperatures.

Similar equipment was already installed in April 2020 at the Visit Center of the Vodlozersky National Park in the village of Kuganavolok, Pudozh District of the Republic of Karelia.

Everything that was done in the Kivach NR, as well as in the Vodlozersky NP, Kostomukshsky NR and the Arjansaari Nature Reserve (an island in Lake Ouluj√§rvi), was filmed, which means that a film about the results of the project will soon appear!