Kostomukshsky Nature Reserve reports their successes with CBC projects

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The head of the Russian branch office of Karelia CBC Programme visited Kostomukshsky Nature Reserve. Dmitry Bazegsky checked the implementation of such projects as GreenSol, Urban Parks and Art-residence.  


In the picture: Dmitry Bazegsky and Valentina Khoteeva

Early in the morning, Mr. Bazegsky went on a trip to the art residence of the reserve in the company of project coordinators. The way there is not easy: first by car, then on foot through the swamps on the decks, by boat across the river and again on foot through the pine forest. In the end we were rewarded: at the very art residence, they saw a wolverine, which, at the sight of people, quickly retreated into the depths of the forest.

Decent level of conditions created for creativity in the art residence was appreciated. He noted that it was a good idea to combine the two projects. The use of solar energy (GreenSol - driven) will allow the art residence tofunction autonomously all year round.

In the art residence with Nina Tarkhova


After lunch, the Director of the reserve Sergey Tarkhov introduced the guest to the upgraded trail "The amazing is near", as well as a new section of the "Bright coast". Despite the fact that the work is still underway, the results of the projects are already visible.


Sergey Tarkhov, the head of the nature reserve

Mr. Bazegsky left tired, but satisfied with what he saw as the nature reserve once again showed that participation in project is a great drive behind big changes. 

Source - Kostomukshsky Nature Reserve