Micros selected, next calls planned

Submitted by Henna on 16.06.2017 - 09.56

The next calls for proposals will be opened during the second half of 2018, decided the Joint Monitoring Committee in its meeting at Sortavala on June 15th and 16th. The exact dates will be announced later.

The JMC also decided to increase the available resources to the ongoing calls for proposals 4 (Regular call for priority Growing cross-border business cooperation) and 5 (Regular call for priority Clean and comfortable region to live). Instead of the announced 2,5 M€ the available funding for call 4 is now 5,1 M€ and. For the call 5 the available funding is 5,8 M€ instead of 3,5 M€. The amount of funding was increased due to number of submitted applications and in order to secure efficient and quick launch of the programme.


The JMC proposes 14 micro projects to be funded. The following micro applications are proceeding to the contracting phase:

Priority 1, Growing cross-border business cooperation

  • KA1011: Employers meets youngsters, Tasemark Oy 
  • KA1014: Karelia ePro Micro, Oulu University of Applied Sciences
  • KA1018: Preparatory Project for Network of Ethnocentres as Marketing Objective, Juminkeko Foundation
  • KA1020: Business and information cooperation in the area of booking of small accommodation online, X-Systems LLC
  • KA1021: Promoting Cross-Border Wood Construction Business -micro, Karelia University of Applied Sciences Ltd
  • KA1022: DiGi-Vision, Kajaani University of Applied Sciences
  • KA1024: Innovative forest road data for improving economic accessibility of Boreal forest resources, Arbonaut Ltd
  • KA1029: Innovations, research and education for roads and transport as an engine for growing cross-border business cooperation, Karelian Regional Institute of Management, Economics and Law at Petrozavodsk State University
  • KA1030: Ethno-cultural potential in tourist industry of border territories, "The Mill" foundation of Pryazha district
  • KA1039: Development of cross-border wellness and adventure tourism in Ylä-Kainuu, Kostomuksha and Kalevala regions, Municipality of Hyrynsalmi


Priority 2, Clean and comfortable region to live

  • KA2010: Physical Training Environment for Healthier Life, Petrozavodsk State University
  • KA2013: Development of forest fire risk assessment capacity and collaboration in the context of climate change, Arbonaut Ltd
  • KA2019: NatureHEALTH, North Karelia Public Health Association 
  • KA2021: Ecological Karelia: Water supply development and biogas evaluation, Central Karelia Development Company KETI Ltd


Additional information:

Programme Director Marko Ruokangas, marko.ruokangas[at]kareliacbc.info