News coverage of the implementation of КА5043 in Vodlozersky NP

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SAMPO TV 360º has published a news coverage of the implementation of project КА5043 GreenSol at tourist facilities of the National Park Vodlozersky where the first heat pump and a heat saving ventilation system have been installed. In the framework of project KA5043 heat pumps that will make it possible to save electricity and fuel as well as weduce atmospheric emissions are being installed.

Similar modern equipment that makes it possible to reduced the costs of electricity several times will also be installed in the new museum of the national park. New heat pump "air to air" may be used as both a blow heater and as an air conditioner. It does not generate heat or cooling, it merely transfers it from the source: water or air. This equipment allows saving considerable amount of money as it used 1 KW of energy to generate 5 KW worth of heat. Such a pump will heat up the visit center in a short time and its capacity is enough to heat the room at -10 degrees outside. If it is colder, additional heat source will be switched on.


Based on the report of "Respublica"