Sun is up - time to begin! KA5043

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Solar power station future site

On April 24, 2019 a survey of a site for istallation of solar panels and construction of buildings for heat pumps and solar power stations in the framework of KA5043 took place in Kivach Nature Reserve. This survey made it possible to make a final decision on the equipment to be purchased by the Nature Reserve in the framework of the project, on the site and way of installations.

The key problem is power outages that are quite frequent in Kivach and it will be solved with the help of a solar power station (up to 3 kW). The power station will be able to supply crucial nature reseve facilities (a museum and a cafeteria) with electricity for up ti 6 hours. Furthermore, installation of special inverters (ВС to AC converters) that allow to automatically add network electricity to solar energy was also planned.  It is a little more costly but much more effective in operation and does not require constant control over the parameters of the power station. Simply put, inverter automatically controls the balance in operation of the whole station and charge/discarge of accumulators.