Art exhibition "Shades of Imagination"

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"Shades of imagination" Exhibition

Karelian College of Culture and Arts (ColCult) organizes an art exhibition where Karelian and Finnish students get to present their work. 

The main idea of the exhibition as illustrations. Students from Oulu University of Applied Sciences have an opportunity to present their work with a spark of imagination and fantasy themes. Work reflects unique scenes and shapes. Riikka Savela is a visual design graduate sent a set of thesis art pieces called "Flower Maatu", "Strawberry Maatu", "Citrus Maatu". Other pieces of  free creative art were made by Petri Saarela, Anttu Here, Nelli Salmela, Senja Niva, Anttu Herva and Otso Ritonummi. 

Graduates from ColCult Valentina Shapkina and Julia Chezhina has enriched the exhibition with a beautiful art pieces that are created using linocut tecnique.  Main theme of the pieces were famous scenes from literature like Kalevala and Wuthering Heights. The contrast of the painter's artwork is shown in the colors of their imagination.