Submitted by outi.laatikain… on 30.06.2021 - 11.16
Mika K. ja Eero P. Puolangalla

A water oxygenation pilot has started at the Puolanka wastewater treatment plant. The amount of oxygen in wastewater is an important part of the process, and to date, the dissolution of oxygen into water has been a problem. Sansox Oy is now answering this problem.

At the beginning of this week, an OxTube solution developed by Sansox Oy was installed in the second aeration tank of the wastewater plant. OxTube is designed to dissolve various gases such as air, oxygen, ozone, carbon dioxide, etc. into the water, virtually in any environment - at Puolanka it dissolves air into wastewater, but it also can be used to aerate larger bodies of water, for example lakes. The results achieved by OxTube can be peered into, for example, on Sansox Oy's own website.

“The strength of OxTube is that its installation does not require large structures, and its location can be easily changed and taken to where additional oxygen in the water is needed. This is exactly what was done in Puolanka when the installation was done at one of the corners of the aeration tank. There are similar installations elsewhere - in some of these cases the aim is not only to supplement oxygen but also to homogenize the waste water.” Says Jukka Hakola, Chief Operating Officer of Sansox Oy.

“OxTube can also be used to improve the water quality of natural waters such as lakes, ponds and rivers. After all, the reason for the poor state of natural waters is the low amount of oxygen in the water. OxTube is able to dissolve air so as to get close to saturation. In India, a lake has been aerated and the results have been very good. The amount of dissolved oxygen has risen in a few weeks from zero to 5.5 milligrams per liter, which is very good at that water temperature.” Hakola continues. "In Puolanka, for example, OxTube could also be connected to the discharge pipe of a wastewater treatment plant, thereby helping the state of natural water by increasing the amount of dissolved oxygen in it."