Preparing an application? Check at least these before clicking submit.

Submitted by Henna on 27.03.2017 - 12.24

Project summary

  • How many specific objectives there are in the project? There should be only one, no more.
  • Pay more attention to your plan than to the background.
  • Check the logic: do the objective, activities and outputs link to each other?


  • Remember that all partners need to participate in the financing of the project.
  • In case the partner is not from the core region of the Programme (Kainuu, North Karelia, Oulu Region, Republic of Karelia) describe the added value of this partner for the project.
  • Did you answer ‘No’ to the questions under Financial Capacity? Are you sure? (For example, if a Lead Partner can’t receive Programme funding, it’s a huge problem.)


  • Remember that the budget of the application may vary a maximum of 20% from the estimation given in the concept note.
  • ‘Investments’ are costs related to infrastructure, such as roads, energy networks and waste and water management. In most of the projects there won't be any investments.


  • Download the templates from the website. Don’t use a template made by yourself, saved from the previous programming period or downloaded from some other programme’s website.
  • Submit the annexes as an electronic version in PROMAS. There’s no need to send the annexes as hard copies.
  • Do not submit any other annexes than those required. Additional annexes won’t be taken into account in the evaluation.


Remember to submit the application in PROMAS within the deadline, and also send a signed application to the Managing Authority or the Branch Office.