Project team visited Oulu and had a chance to participate in Polar Bear Pitching!

Submitted by KA4022 on 11.04.2019 - 02.13

On March 12-14 BUSY project team had a chance to participate in such an extraordinary event as Polar Bear Pitching, visit “Business unusual conference”, get familiar with the opportunities offered for Start-ups and young entrepreneurs by Business Kitchen and Tellus Innovation Arena, visit coworking space Njetwork Inn, Kielo Growth Incubator & Accelerator, BusinessOulu.    


Thanks to the study visit to Oulu now a project has an opportunity to present to the participants on the Russian side acceleration possibilities offered, introduce start-up teams to pitching trainings and share contacts of Finnish entrepreneurs interested in cooperation. Partners from the Finnish side shared their best practices and relevant experiences in the field of education and training business-minded youngsters.

Polar Bear Pitching is a chance for start-ups to introduce their business idea the only condition here is that they give their pitches while standing waist deep in the ice-cold water. By the way, the time spent in the ice-hole is not limited, and entrepreneurs could wear branded items or paint the body and face for a more effective presentation. The event is held for the sixth time and brings together entrepreneurs, investors and the public from around the world.


BUSY team managed to get into the very center of the action, so our media team was lucky to interview participants and experience incredible energy of the ice show and participating in Business Unusual conference even got a chance to talk to the mastermind of Polar Bear Pitching, Mia Kemppaala.

O: inc: an application that helps regulate the internal clock of our body.

CakeHR is a joint venture company from Latvia and the United Kingdom that develops software for personnel management that optimizes attendance and efficiency.

TensorFlight develops software that uses artificial intelligence to analyze satellite, unmanned, street images and aerial photographs.

Entrepreneurs from Estonia presented ideas from the VideoCV platform, where potential employees can respond to job offers with a video resume.

The Finnish entrepreneur presented the Zenniz project, creating intelligent tracking technology on tennis courts.

A bright presentation in the ice-hole was shared by the Finnish gaming company Rat Crew Studios, which develops high-quality games and transmedia franchises.

The project team Delektre Ltd has introduced an application for non-invasive tracking of physiological health indications.

The Doerz project - an application that helps tourists to get acquainted with the local culture and locals.

All the business ideas and videos of their presentations on the Polar Bear Pitching are on YouTube channel -

And the winners of Polar Bear Pitching are Norwegian entrepreneurs with the Bookis project.


Bookis is a new Norwegian online bookstore for buying and selling used books, available in the browser and iOS and Android apps. Project leaders are concerned that many people store books in their homes, storerooms and basements that should be read. The Bookis project gives books a new life. With the web-site you can simply buy and sell used books for reasonable money at The project team received the main prize - 10 000 euros.

After visiting the event project team got familiar with the opportunities offered for Start-ups and young entrepreneurs by Business Kitchen and Tellus Innovation Arena and at the project meeting an idea of conducting Polar Bear pitching in Petrozavodsk came up. At the moment this is just an idea, but project team is very enthusiastic about it and will do its best to make it happen.


Also within a study trip project team visited Njetwork Inn. Njetwork Inn is a comprehensive co-working pace that any entrepreneur can use to grow their business. It includes several rooms of different size and functionality that can be rented as an office, as well as tables with equipment for use as needed.

One of the core activities within BUSY project is establishment of a modern and fully equipped co-working space available for young entrepreneurs as well as start-up teams and this is the reason why visiting this space arose much interest and was very helpful to get a common understanding of how it works and what kind of problems may come on the way.


BUSY project invites young entrepreneurs and those who has just an interesting business idea to join the project, get through professional business trainings, find foreign partners and go to Polar Bear Pitching next year to get an exposure to mentors, facilitators and a pool of investors and maybe even won the main prize. Actually, even networking at such an event may play a bigger role than the prize itself.

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