Puolanka biogas reactor opening ceremony on 30th of November 2022

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Kara-hankkeen kuva Puolangan biokaasulaitoksesta, logot

For the past couple of years, a small-scale biogas plant on the site of the Puolanga wastewater center has been planned and implemented in the REMAC - Sludge treatment investment project - and now, just in time for winter, gas and electricity are being produced.

The biogas plant operated by Honkainfra Oy and supplied by Doranova Oy has started operations in the fall of 2022. The purpose of the biogas plant is to process sewage sludge from Puolanga and nearby municipalities, and use it to generate electricity for the sewage plant's electricity and heating needs. The next step is to use the gas in the municipality's district heating production.

We welcome you to get to know the operation of the new biogas plant and to discuss the possibilities for the development of the industry in Kainuu. We will also talk about the demonstrations of new technologies implemented in the REMAC project. There is a representation from the municipality of Puolanga, Kajaani University of Applied Sciences, which runs the project, Honkainfra, which operates the facility, and equipment supplier Doranova.

Puolanka biogas reactor opening ceremony was held 30th of November 2022.

Project REMAC is funded by the Karelia CBC programme.