REMAC press conference at Puolanka on June 14th

Submitted by outi.laatikain… on 15.06.2021 - 13.58
puolanka press conference 140621

On June 14, 2021, an open press conference about the progress of the REMAC project was held at Puolanka. On the site of the Puolanka municipal building, the stakeholders of the Puolanka municipality, the representation of Kajaani University of Applied Sciences and Doranova Oy, recently selected as the builder of the new biogas plant in Puolanka, spoke about the project and its already achieved milestones.

The event was attended by Puolanka local magazine. YLE Kainuu was in contact with the environmental manager, Heikki Kanniainen, earlier the same day, and published an article about the event in advance.

The press conference covered the overall picture of the REMAC project, as well as the current situation. Doranova Oy's CEO Antti Myllärinen spoke about the company's background and experience, as well as their plans for the biogas plant being built at the site of Puolanka wastewater treatment plant.