Smarter, greener and closer to citizens

Submitted by Henna on 01.10.2020 - 15.21

The European Commission has identified policy objectives and Interreg-specific objectives for the next programming period. Of the defined objectives a maximum of three policy objecgives and one Interreg-specific objective needs to be chosen.

Based on the thematic survey compiled this summer and the regional stakeholder events organised in early September the Programming Committee of the next Karelia Programme decided to proceed with the following objectives:

  • Smarter Europe and its neighbourhood
  • Greener Europe and its neighbourhood
  • Europe and its neighbourhood closer to their citizens
  • Better cooperation governance for Europe and its neighbourhood

The next step is to  define the areas for cooperation and potential cooperation actions. The stakeholders will be involved in the work - if you are interested in participating, let us know by sending an email to kareliacbc[at]


Additional information: Programme Director Marko Ruokangas, marko.ruokangas[at]