Vedlozero should become cleaner

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new collection point

Yesterday we brought concrete slabs to Vedlozero, which will become the basis for four new collection points for mixed waste. The local administration prepared the site for future collection points (thanks to Alexander Chugay for the prompt resolution of these issues). The next step is to install fences to add some "beauty" and protect containers from the wind, as well as to make lids for containers so that garbage does not fly around the area and is not carried by birds and animals.

This should be enough to make Vedlozero cleaner in the near future. Of course, a lot (if not all) depends on the locals. If no one is lazy to lift the lid and throw the garbage into the container, it will be cleaner. If the container is overfilled - make an effort, wait a day before the garbage truck arrives (and call the regional operator to report the problem: the more we call, the more chances that the problem will be solved).

Of course, mixed waste container points are not the only (and not the main!) solution to make the environment cleaner. Now we are finalising preparations for holding a pilot action "Ecotaxi in Vedlozero". There will be a separate announcement about this a little later, but for now - a few photos about the preparation of collection points in Vedlozero from the series "before - after".