Village survey in Mekrijärvi

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Jätekimppa in Mekrijärvi

On Thursday 26th of August WasteLess Karelias went to the Village of Mekrijärvi, Ilomantsi in Finland to do post-survey for the WasteLess Karelias project about waste management and recycling together with students from The University of Eastern Finland. We got quite a few interviews from the villagers and we left some questionnaires for the villagers who weren’t home at that time when we were doing the interviews. Because of covid we took extra careful safety precautions in order to secure the safety of the villagers and students during the interviews.

Additionally, some time ago there has been built a joint combustible waste bin for some villagers living in Mekrijärvi. WasteLess Karelias project has been supporting the building of this joint waste bin.