Webinar: Creating and developing creative and tourism industry products for the foreign markets

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9.6.2020 at 10.00-15.00 EEST will be held a webinar related to creating new multidisciplinary services in the tourism industries, technologies for online export and selling on the foreign market. The webinar is created in cooperation with Karelia CBC founded projects КА-3004 CULTA, КА-8016 TourSME, КА-4007 KALITKA, КА-8022 KARWELL. Please note that the webinar is organized in Russian language.

The following topics will be covered during a webinar: 

1. Opportunities of online export, Alexander Konovalov, project expert from KA-3004 CULTA (PetrSU)

2. Developing opportunities of tourism products for a Finnish market, Nikolai Kolesnikov, local manager KA-8016 TourSME

3. Finnish-Russian cross-border gastronomic tour, Anastasia Vasiljeva, Project Manager, Ka-4007 KALITKA

4. Insights of wellness tourism in Karelian region, Natalia Kolesnikova, project expert, KA-8022 KARWELL

The webinar is free of charge for participants. 

For registrations: https://forms.gle/KDBMWXa4CXk4aMCd7 

Link to join the webinar: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89074360426  Password: 1234