What is happening in NatureBeST project?

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NatureBeST in Kaarna

Our project actions started in October 2018. Our aim was identifying the problems and obstacles small and medium-sized (SME) tourism accommodation sector face in their attempt to improve their ecological sustainability. The key areas have been energy and clean water saving, solid waste and wastewater treatment.

Since the start of the project, we’ve been working with standard technical and soft solutions developed together with tourism companies across Finnish- Russian borders. The objective has been to improve companies’ ecological efficiency through real pilot site implementations as well as offering range of soft solutions.  

Solutions have been for example related to solid waste and wastewater treatment systems, reduction and if unavoidable recycling of waste, modern water intake systems, in addition to supplementary, complementary and off-grid energy saving systems and technologies. Some pilot sites have already been finalised or in the final stages, and others ongoing. A handbook will also, as part of soft solutions, be available for companies in Russian, English and Finnish.

Read more about what’s been going on in Finnish side of the border in recently released North Karelia Biosphere Reserve's Kaarna newsletter.

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