Culture pitching event 12.3.2020 at Business Asema Oulu

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How would you foster the change in climate of the culture with the prize of 2026 Euro?

Oulu2026 and CULTA projects create a pitching event for cultural entrepreneurs, actors and unions! The goal of the pitching event is to help bringing the solutions that are helping the development of the cities with cultural products or services. Cultural climate change stands for the positive change of quality of life in Oulu and other cities.

How could you make Oulu and other cities a better place to live with cultural services or products? 

Traditionally, Polar Bear Pitching is a pitching event where the pitchers present their ideas in ice cold water however, in this case we want to bring the warmth into the cold cities by the development of cultural activity. This is why cultural pitchers present their ideas in the culture sauna. The language of the presentation is english. The winners receive the prize of 2026 euro funding for their idea. 

Application period for the competition is 1.2-21.2.2020 at Oulu2026 webpage

Get ready to make a change!