Finnish Students came back to Kizhi Island

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Студенты из Финляндии на практике

The students fro the Vocational College of  Oulu (Finland) spent a week (3-9 of June, 2019) on Kizhi Island and its area. They studied few historic villages of Zaonezhie and used gained theoretical and practical knowledge.

Interesting programme of the training course is provided within the project “Ethnoarchitecture of Fennoskandia in XXI century” in the gramework of CBC programme “Karelia”. The Vocational College of Oulu is an old friend of the Kizhi Museum. This time 8 Finnish students came to Kizhi Island. Most of them came to Kizhi for the second time to continue the training course which had started in April, 2019 when Kizhi Islain was covered with snow.

Together with the Kizhi Museum workers  students visited the historic village Kurgenitsy. The group made village measurements and description of the types of buildings. The students mentioned that this easy way of  measurement helps better understand the background and evolution geodesy.

The group studied the ways of marking of  wooden buildings by the example of  the barn in Oyatevschina village, also they studied the coastline of the village and its position in relation to Kizhi Island.

On the 5th of June the guests took part in the ecological action dedicated to the International Day of  Environment: they saw real asps, which were temporary placed into terrarium cage, walked to the Northern part of island and enjoyed the scenery and silence of island from the Chapel of Transfiguration from Kavgorovo village, visited shungite area.

After that the group had the serious lectures on photogrammetry and laser scanning. Lectures were held in training centre of conservation of wooden architecture in the Vichurin’s house, Yamka village. Then the participants of the international project had practical training on Kizhi Pogost. They had practical task: laser scanning of the Church of Intercession. The students knew how to synchronize the laser scanner and tacheometer and how to combine all data in one scheme.

To reinforce skills students made photo fixation of the Memorial Cross by themselves in Yamka village and create its 3-D model.

The Director of the Kizhi Museum Elena Bjgdanova greeted the project participants in Finnish and told about  plans and projects of the Kizhi Museum.

The Finnish students left Kizhi Island being tanned, in a good mood and in love with Kizhi Island. And they hope to come back!