The cargo traffic continues between North Ostrobothnia and Karelia in spite of Corona

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The cargo traffic on the frontier stations of Vartius and Kuusamo has continued in the spring even though the passenger traffic has stopped. Via Kuusamo is brought to the neighbouring area wood chips and round wood. The frontier station of Vartius has been crossed by 24-60 trailer lorries every day. Mainly timber, wood chip, sawdust and pellets are imported from Russia. Every day 3-4 trains bring the iron ore from Kostamus to Raahe. The cargo traffic is very import-oriented and the railway wagons return empty.

Last year 2019,  Via Kuusamo frontier station 91252 kg of cargo was imported from Russia to Finland and exported only 97 kg. Via Vartius stations the figures were following: import from Russia to Finland 336 240 tons and export 14 221 tons.