Kainuu Tourism Forum

Submitted by KA5000 on 26.04.2019 - 11.01
Ekaterina Piirianen and  Anni Koskela

Project managers Ekaterina Piirainen and Anni Koskela (KA5043 Green Solutions for Nature Protected Areas) from Metsähallitus Parks & Wildlife Finland participated in the Kainuu Tourism Forum on Thursday 25.4.19. Regional Governor Pentti Malinen and Paavo Virkkunen, Director of Visit Finland, signed the Lakeland co-operation agreement at the event. The goal of the collaboration is to make Kainuu as famous as Lapland.

Kainuu is now internationally marketing itself under the Arctic Lakeland brand. Those companies which are willing to join the co-operation (currently 16) can use the Arctic Lakeland brand in their marketing right away. From the point of view of marketing tourism, it is seen as an advantage when customers can be offered larger attractive area - such as Lakeland, where the customer can stay longer, said Paavo Virkkunen.

Eeva Mäntymäki, Communications Manager at the Kainuu Union, thanked Metsähallitus for its cooperation at the Christmas Market in Brussels. Visitors were very interested in national parks in virtual glasses but missed the bear watching. Mäntymäki stated that nature and national parks are the key attraction factors in Kainuu, and that is why Metsähallitus is considered to be an important partner and cooperation is wished to continue.