Karjalan Sanomat on improvement of water supply in Sortavala

Submitted by KA6000 on 26.02.2021 - 13.48

On February 17, 2021, the Finnish-language Karjalan Sanomat, published in Petrozavodsk, published an extensive article on the water supply situation in the Republic of Karelia.

The Minister of Construction of the Republic Viktor Rossypnov says in the article that half of the water supply networks, according to him, need to be renovated. He says that the renovation
work of several wastewater treatment plants is underway in the territories of the Republic.
Currently, investment programs are underway in Petrozavodsk, Belomorsk, Segezha, Sortavala, Kostomuksha and Kondopoga, Rossypnov says. The Sortavala project differs from many other projects in the region in that it is implemented within the framework of the Karelia CBC Programme, which is jointly funded by the EU, Finland and Russia.

Karjalan Sanomat writes about the Sortavala project as follows:

“Water supply is improving in Sortavala"
According to the Minister of Construction, the investment project is underway in the city of Sortavala. In recent years, 65 percent of water pipes and 15 percent of sewer pipes in the city have been replaced. - In the last two years, about one and a half billion roubles have been spent on modernizing the Sortavala water supply system. The money has been received from the Karelia CBC program, among others. A water intake, pumping station and water treatment plant will be built in Sortavala. Their introduction will significantly improve the water supply of the city of Sortavala, says Andrei Romantšik, director of the Karelvodokanal, which is the company responsible for water supply in Sortavala.


In addition to Sortavala, the company monitors the operation of the sewer network in the Haapalampi and Hyppösenmäki agglomerations. - There are plans to renovate the sewer
networks in Ruskeala, Partala, Puikkola and Haapalammi. We need to find affordable and effective repair solutions, Romantchik says. Last autumn, the Karelvodokanal started a new
investment project. According to it, the water supply and sewerage systems of the Kaalamo agglomeration of the Sortavala district will be renovated. - A biological water treatment plant is also being built in the agglomeration, Romantšik says. KS

Source - Karjalan Sanomat