Large infrastructure projects proceeding

Submitted by Henna on 19.01.2018 - 11.35

Besides regular and micro projects also large infrastructure projects (LIP) are financed in the Karelia CBC Programme. The large infrastructure projects are awarded without a call for proposals. The Lead Partner of the project must enjoy a de jure or de facto monopoly and the project has to relate to actions with specific characteristics that require a particular type of body based on its technical competence, high degree of specialisation or administrative power.

Originally eight potential large infrastucture projects were identified in the Joint Programme Document of the Karelia CBC Programme.  Concept note phase was concluded in 2017 and as a result four full applications have now been submitted to the European Commission.  Eventually the Joint Monitoring Committee will select the projects for implementation out of those approved by the EC. The financial frame for large infrastructure projects is 15,1 MEUR.

The following projects are still in the process:

  • Repair of the highway Kochkoma-Tiksha-Ledmozero-Kostomuksha- state border, total costs 3,67 MEUR
  • Reconstruction of automobile border crossing point Värtsilä, total costs 6 MEUR
  • Vartius border crossing point development, total costs 8,1 MEUR
  • Water supply and water treatment facilities' improvement in Sortavala, total costs 3,6 MEUR


Additional information:

Programme Director Marko Ruokangas, marko.ruokangas[at]