Lighting of the city public trail "Bright coast"

Submitted by KA5000 on 06.04.2019 - 23.38
Сергей Тархов информирует Главу города о проекте КА5000

The week began with a working meeting with the administration of Kostomuksha city. The main topic for discussion is the continuation of the "Bright coast".
The Director of the Kostomukshsky nature reserve Sergey Tarkhov informed the audience that the nature reserve is a partner in the international project "Urban Parks and Benefits" KA5000 under the cross-border cooperation program "Karelia". As part of the grant, funds have been allocated to carry out the lighting of the city public trail, which leads to the site area.
 At the meeting, deadlines for work were set, responsible persons were appointed, and further joint actions were identified.

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