Meeting in Kostomuksha nature reserve

Submitted by KA5000 on 06.04.2019 - 23.18
Ekaterina ottaa valokuvia "Yllättävä on lähellä" luontopolusta

Ekaterina Piirainen, head of the “Urban parks & Benefits” project of the cross-border cooperation program "Karelia", visited our office on 25th of February. The purpose of the visit is to get acquainted with our team and the territory of the project ENI CBC KA5000.
The working meeting began with a hike along the “Surprising is near” trail, where project activities such as repairs and lighting will be carried out. In the afternoon, the meeting was continued - we discussed the working plan, reporting forms and upcoming events.
The second day promises to be no less saturated.

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  Territory of project implementation in 1 km by the Kostomuksha