New water intake in Sortavala is in trial operation

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The new water intake station in Sortavala was launched in a pilot mode.

Modern equipment can work  independently all year round and is able to continuously supply water to the city in any unforeseen circumstances. The construction of water treatment facilities is also in the final stage.

The head of Karelia Artur Parfenchikov got acquainted with the new water supply system in the city and together with the head of "Karelvodokanal" Andrey Romanchik discussed the possibility of such complexes appearing in other settlements of Karelia.

KarelVodoKanal has started construction of a water intake station for the first lift by cutting a 10-meter well in the rock on the bank of the Ladoga River. Water flows into it year-round drawn by gravity, which allows for saving on the use of electricity.

Source - Sampo TV