A workshop with representatives of local communities

Submitted by KA5000 on 07.04.2019 - 00.20
Представители местных сообществ на встрече

On February the 28th at the meeting of the Club “Natural Pearl of Kostomuksha”, a survey was launched on the development of the territory of the “Surprising is Near” eco-path held in the framework of the project “Urban Parks and Benefits” of the KA5000 cross-border cooperation program "Karelia".
To the meeting also came an ordinary residents of the city, and representatives of national communities. The guests got information about the project, its goals, tasks, expressed their wishes on the arrangement of the territory and events.

Further, the meeting was devoted to the Kalevala epic .170 years ago, on February 28, Elias Lönnrot published a manuscript of the epic.
Today runes about nature, songs and poems on epic themes sounded.
We also talked about serious things - about the biosphere reserve. Representatives of various public organizations asked questions to the director of a nature reserve.