PeatStop publishes a Runoff Water Education mini-series!

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The spring and summer have been quite calm on the project front, partly due to the war in Europe. However, despite the uncertainties, PeatStop and other projects financed by the Karelia CBC program continue to waddle forwards. 

As far as PeatStop goes, the spring and summer have been spent getting to know the possibilities of runoff water management more deeply than before. We have started a mini-series called Runoff Water Education, in which runoff water and environmental safety professionals talk about their own experiences and share their lessons related to runoff water management in different episodes.

The first part of the Runoff Water Education has already been published, and the second part is currently being prepared. In the first part, the runoff water engineer of the city of Lahti, Juhani Järveläinen, talks about his own experiences with runoff water structures.

You can watch the video below, or click on it yourself on YouTube! Sadly, this time, the video is only available in Finnish.