Platform for biodiversity experts published!

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Screenshot of the website

As part of the Biokarelia project a new platform, a website, has been launched! is a new website that is meant for those looking to connect with biodiversity experts or looking for education possibilites or funding related to Finnish biodiversity! 

The platform was last week presented also in a webinar where about 30 people took part. The webinar showed the functionalities of the platform - how for example researchers and education relating to biodiversity can be searched through the functions within the new website. The recording of the presentation by Philippe Fayt, the project planner, of the platform is available at the Youtube channel of North Karelia Biosphere Reserve: (see also the whole playlist of the Biokarelia project containing previous webinar recordings

The platform was well received and got good feedback: “This platform is a great initiative – it will make it so much easier for me to connect with researchers from across fields, and Finland, with similar interests. Exactly what I’ve been hoping for!” commented Rose Thorogood, Associate Professor, HiLIFE, from University of Helsinki.

The webinar also highlighted the need for cross-border and cross-sectoral collaboration.  As part of the former Biosphere Reserve coordinator Timo Hokkanen first painted a bigger picture by telling about how the Biokarelia project started and what kind of collaboration has been done in the border area of Finland. The webinar also was visited by Gabriel Schwaderer, Executive Director of EuroNatur but also Chair of the European Green Belt Association and regional coordinator of the European Green Belt Initiative. He shared experiences of collaboration along the European Greenbelt highlighting the need for not only collaboration across the borders but in North-South direction. He also shared his hope that in the future this initiative could be extended to other parts of Greenbelt within Europe. 


Philippe Fayt presenting the new platform at the webinar and showcasing its functionalities. The webpage will continue to develop even after the project.