The project «Ordinary Man in a Great War» was presented at the meeting of the scientific and technological breakthrough leaders

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P.Petrov presenting the OMinGW project

On March, 11 project manager P.Petrov presented the project «Ordinary Man in a Great War» at the meeting of the scientific and educational organization heads «Leaders of scientific and technological breakthrough» (implemented by the order from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation). A delegation of 20 people came to the Republic of Karelia as part of an internship with the aim to study KarRC RAS experience in the field of scientific activities and international cooperation. The delegation was accompanied by a moderator -analyst from the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO.
The project implementation plan and activities aroused audience interest, there were many questions concerning the project partners’ network cooperation, the achievement of the aim and objectives and research works specificity. During the presentation, P. Petrov highlighted that the most important project task is to make more accessible information on significant historical sites` cultural history in the region. The most important military and historical sites will form a circular tourist route connecting the two countries. The project aims to teach regional stakeholders to better use the route and its parts to create and market tourism products and services. That means the skills and capabilities improvement to use and develop cultural and historical sites and enhancement of the competence of specialists working for the public and private sectors in both countries.