Set-up and commissioning of wastewater treatment plant in Sortavala to start soon

Submitted by KA6000 on 13.01.2022 - 10.22

Water treatment plants are a necessary facility for the city, which is included in the ecological project of modernization of the city's water supply system.

Its capacity is 8.5 thousand cubic meters, which is twice the real needs of the city. They were built with such a margin, taking into account plans for housing construction and tourism development in the Northern Ladoga region. Investments came from two sources - the Karelian budget and the cross-border cooperation programme Karelia.

The station is maximally automated, several stages of water treatment are provided, modern smart equipment eliminates the constant presence of personnel.

The facility was finished in September last year, and in December the city took on the ownership.
For full-fledged operation, expensive commissioning works worth 9.5 million rubles are required. The Government of the Republic of Karelia will provide funds for the commissioning of water treatment facilities in the budget of the republic. We will make proposals to adjust the budget at the next session of the Parliament of the Republic.

Source - А.О. Парфенчиков