SortWater in the seminar on water projects

Submitted by KA6000 on 28.01.2021 - 12.24

On January 28, 2021 project KA6000 was presented at the webinar "Current water supply projects in the Karelian region of Russia" arranged by Kuopio Water Cluster, Finnish Water Forum and Miksei Oy. The webinar was targeted to Finnish companies interested in the projects in Karelia. The number of participants was 40 persons.

ANO Energy Efficiancy Center on behalf of Karelvodokanal LLC described the experience of implementing Karelia CBC projects, the problems KA6000 tries to solve, its goals and plans.

The audience was particularly interested in the opportunity to enter project tenders. We hope that as a result of the webinar more Finnish companies will join the ranks of contractors and partners in current and future projects.