Test launch of the pumping station in Sortavala

Submitted by KA6000 on 27.03.2020 - 10.43
Inside the station

On March 25 the pumping station was launch-tested under supervised adjustment. 

This was a major step preceded by complex construction works at the system.

Namely, a very complex stage was finished at the water intake and the pumping station of the 1 lift where the receiving well was formed and driven into ground to the depth envisioned by the design. This well is a key element of the pumping station of the 1 lift. Pipes for the water conduit are delivered.



As for the major renovation of the pumping station of the 2 lift, it is nearly done. Pumping equipment is delivered and installed as well as system for dispatch control and automation. Pipeworks at clean water reservoirs are fully restored. Pipes inside the machinery hall are installed. The heart of the pumping station, a pumping installation based on energy efficient Grundfos pumps, successfully underwent supervised adjustment (test of performance with no load). Interior works at the station are almost finished.