Try tasty Karelian recipes

Submitted by KA4007 on 24.08.2020 - 22.56

Despite the disruptions and changes caused by COVID-19, the activities of the KALITKA project are being implemented according to the project plan. The project experts did a lot in the current situation of changes in the project work. It was decided to change the form of some events. For example, a series of food workshops are held in video format, which contributes to even greater audience coverage and greater sustainability of the results.

The experts of Karelain regional public organization “Art-shater” prepared and produced several videos about national cooking. The purpose of the master-classes is to tell residents and guests about the national cuisine of Karelia and Finland, to show its simplicity, but at the same time uniqueness. In addition, we hope that these videos will motivate tourists to visit our region and try the new food route developed within the project. We invite everyone interested in new gastronomic discoveries. Video links: