Oulanka brown trout webinar now in YouTube - practice your Finnish fish talk skills!

Опубликовано KA10003 - вт, 01/25/2022 - 09:50
Kuva webinaarin avausdiasta, laidassa puhujien kasvokuvat, keskellä kaksi taimenta kutemassa matalassa vedessä.

PRO TROUT webinar "The state of the best available information on brown trout of the Oulanka-Pyaozero basin" was attended 21.12.2021 online by 65 persons. Senior researcher Ari Huusko from the Natural Resources Institute Finland and Anssi Vainikka, professor of evolutionary aquatic biology at the University of Eastern Finland, spoke at the webinar.

The recording of the webinar presentations can be viewed on Metsähallitus Wildlife Service's YouTube channel. << CLICK THE LINK!

Questions asked by the audience in the webinar and answers to them can be read are posted in the comment thread of the YouTube video.

PRO TROUT is creating Russian-language versions of Huusko's and Vainikka's presentations, and they will also be published on Metsähallitus Wildlife Service's YouTube channel.

Photo: Professor Anssi Vainikka presents his modeling results about effects of regulating river fishing mortality on the size of the spawning population and sustainable catch of brown trout in the transborder Oulanka-Pyaozero basin.

Photo: Senior researcher Ari Huusko discusses the change in brown trout trolling catches in the Russian Lake Pyaozero from the 1990s to the 2020s. (On y-axis: number of caught brown trout individuals per rod per hour)