Recording of Tourism Experiences Next Door webinar available

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Ville Haapasalo talking in the webinar

Tourism Experiences Next Door webinar was organized on 18th of February 2021. Over 250 registered to the webinar and there were about 150 people online at the time. Recording of the webinar is available here: 

Some examples of the themes discussed during the webinar: 
- Offer stories and experiences for your customer!
- Virtual experiences before journey affect when choosing the travel destination.
- Hybrid travelling and local tourism are here for stay!
- Understand your customer; towards to sustainable travelling!

Thank you for the specialists Ville Haapasalo, Viktor Bychkov, Laura Olin and Anu Nylund, and the host Maria Melnikova.

The event was organized in a cooperation with TourSME project (Karelia CBC) and Business Oulu.