Save the Date! The power on working together 12th Oct

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Save the Date! The power of working together - join our workshop on cross-programme cooperation, during the European Week of Regions and Cities

Save the date and be part of unlocking the potential of cross-programme cooperation! We invite all interested to join us on 12.10.2023, at 11:30 CET, in Brussels, for a captivating workshop that explores the benefits of collaboration between Karelia, Kolarctic and SEFR CBC Programmes. The workshop is part of the European Week of Regions and Cities.  

Discover how the three Finnish CBC programmes: Kolarctic, Karelia and SEFR CBC, have successfully joined forces for joint events, procurements, and capitalization activities. Through cross-programme cooperation, we have not only boosted programme implementation but also supported our beneficiaries.

In the workshop, we will share practical knowledge and experience on working together. You will also meet stakeholders who have witnessed the positive impact of our cooperation.

Stay tuned for updates on the workshop agenda and registration details.