Ecomondo 2022: Articles on intelligent waste infra management and comparison of biowaste bins

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Ecomondo 2022

REMAC's technology demonstrations aim to better manage the supply chains of sludge and biowaste delivered to biogas plants. Like in the past few years, REMAC took part in Ecomondo 2022 in Italy. Two articles were written for the seminar surrounding the subject of the project, both of which were presented at the seminar last fall.

The first article evaluates the possibilities of development in sludge and waste transport companies' greenness - the ethicality and the carbon neutrality. You can get your hands on the article here: Intelligent waste infra management as a part of corporate carbon responsibility

The second article is an overview of the odor management in storaging biowaste and answers the question whether an air-conditioned storage container would be a good alternative compared to a traditional one. This article is found here: Comparison of aerated bins and sealed containers. Evaporation effect and odour control in private household biowaste collection.