Competitive Regional Economy and Environment priorities relevant for stakeholders

Submitted by Henna on 22.04.2021 - 15.33

In April, 2021, online stakeholder events were organised in order to get feedback on the shortlisted specific objectives of two planned priorities, Competitive Regional Economy and Environment.

In the events especially the specific objectives were discussed. A list of specific objectives has been defined by the European Commission for each policy objective. During the programming process the most relevant specific objectives are identified. The objective of the events was to get feedback to the shortlisted specific objectives and to identify activities that could be implemented under each specific objectives. Not all shortlisted objectives are necessary included to the programme.

Under the Environment priority five and under Competitive Regional Economy three potential specific objectives were discussed. You can read more on the discussions and ideas on the activities here (environment) and here (economy).

The good news for the Managing Authority and the financiers is also that the stakeholder consider the priorities interesting: 89% of the participants of the event on Comptetitive Regional Economy event and 100% of the participants on the Environment event answered that it is highly likely or likely that they will submit an application.

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