Urban Parks&Benefits in Kajaani&Kostamus (KA5000)


Making access to nature easy! 

Making urban park areas in Kajaani and Kostomuksha recognized sources of  :

  • personal health
  • community well-being
  • socioeconomic growth 

for the local residents and tourists. 


Project news

Duration:  1.1.2019 - 31.12.2020                                                                                             

Budget:     805  717 € 

Participating organizations:                        

Metsähallitus, Parks & Wildlife Finland, lead partner

Kostomuksha State Nature Reserve, partner 

Kulttuuriosuuskunta G-Voima, partner

Challenges to be conquered :

  • It is difficult to get information about the local nature sites and services they have to offer.
  • The benefits of a strong nature connection and benefits of recreation in the nature are not well known.
  • Poor quality of services provided in the local nature sites and its harmful affect on the environment.
  • Local ownership of local nature sites is weak (vandalism, limited community activity)
  • Businesses do not know how to use attractive natural sites in product development.
  • The opportunities of citizens to participate in the management and development of the local nature sites are insufficient and feedback system is inadequate.

Actions to be conducted:  

  1. Establishing site manager network in Kajaani region. 
  2. Producing necessary concept plans and brand strategies and implementing them in selected communication and marketing channels. 
  3. Involving locals and NGO's into planning improvement solutions  and utilizing the results of service design process on pilot sites. 
  4. Improving selected pilot sites in Urban Parks to ensure a well-functioning customer path and enhanced visitor experience.
  5. Integrating health benefits and connecting business products in communications of Urban parks concept. 
  6. Activating locals to actively use Urban parks sites for recreation and events. 

Expected outputs:

  • Urban parks manager network is established and active in Kainuu and best practices shared through cross-border cooperation.
  • High quality marketing and communication of Kajaani Parks and Kostomuksha Park brands are in place.
  • Service designed improvement plans are readied for pilot sites in Urban Parks network.
  • Well-functioning, accessible and safe pilot areas and are established in Kajaani and Kostomuksha.
  • New products are connected with urban parks concept, health and well-being benefits are integrated in Urban Parks communications.
  • Awareness of and local ownership in Kajaani and Kostomuksha Parks are increased. There is a model for locals, local businesses and NGOs to utilize sites for recreation, activities, events and business products.

Ekaterina Piirainen, Project Manager


tel. +358 (0)40 144 7567

Metsähallitus, Luontopalvelut / Parks & Wildlife Finland

Satamakatu 3

87100 Kajaani, Finland



Valentina Khoteeva, Coordinator


tel.  +7 911 410 61 36

Kostomuksha State Nature Reserve

ul. Priozernaya 2, Kostomuksha                                                   

186930 Republic of Karelia, Russia



Veikko Leinonen , Producer


tel. + 358 (0) 50 570 6577

Kulttuuriosuuskunta G-Voima, Vaara-Collective

Kauppakatu 36

87100 Kajaani, Finland